November 25, 2021 7:36 pm

Natalie Hatton
Real estate can be a tricky world to navigate, there are so many new words and things to understand. One of those things is property types. So what types of real estate properties are there?

A unit or a flat is a property where there may be several levels of properties in a complex. Generally older style with no common facilities (ie pool, gym etc)


Modern style property that may have a lift for access to the floor. Some apartment complexes may have facilities like a gym, sauna, common lounges, pools. Strata fees will be higher as you need to pay for maintenance and upkeep of the facilities.


Single level property in group of properties 3 or more


Multiple level townhouse in a group of properties 3 or more


Adjoining walls/roof can be either a strata-titled property or green titled property.


A detached dwelling that could be on a green title, strata title or survey strata title


Attached dwelling that could share roof, walls driveway. Generally, an older style strata plan that can be upgraded to add future value.

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